Summer 2011

DSCN0889  The kitchen windows. DSCN0875  The main window in the barn.  The light really floods in during the morning. DSCN0876  The doors out to the courtyard, and also our lovely oak flooring. DSCN0877  The mezzanine above the living area.  The staircase will be to the right hand side, but isn't made yet.  The intention is to get a projector with a screen above the fireplace (or the marshmallow man's mouth, depending on how you like at it). DSCN0878  The step in the floor, the higher area is the dining area and leads to the front door and the kitchen.  The lower area is the living area, and will lead ot the games room and wine room. DSCN0879  The cast iron spiral staircase for the other mezzanine.
DSCN0880  Spiral Staircase to the Mezzanine - purchased on eBay! DSCN0881  Kitchen floor - Chinese river slate.  Once it's sealed the colours should really come out. DSCN0882  This will become the larder... DSCN0883  A selection of bits required for the steel guttering DSCN0884  Spiral staircase from the top DSCN0885  The view from the mezzanine above the kitchen (which will become a study), to the bottom left are the remaining spindles to go around the top of the spiral staircase - people will need to duck under the beam to get into the study area proper!
DSCN0886  The other part of the study - the floor is looking a bit dusty at the moment. DSCN0887  The sky light in the study area - this is using self cleaning glass, which has mostly worked out well. DSCN0888  The front door!