Summer 2012

IMG 0019  The floor for the wine room.  Fortuantely the frame of the wine room proper will cover the join and hide our roughness... IMG 0018  Extra metalwork for the staircase to stop children crawling through - great job by our metal man! IMG 0016  The staircase with extra bars in as well - looks like it was made that way (the extras are in grey) IMG 0151 IMG 0149  The top of the stairs into Ali's study IMG 0148  Climbing up to Ali's study
IMG 0144 IMG 0143  We wanted the staircase to be as open as possible to let the light through, and avoid hiding the back brick wall IMG 0097  Looking up to my study, with the wooden beams waiting for the glass IMG 0095  New chalk board - for jobs and shopping... IMG 0142 IMG 0092  The door for our fridge!
IMG 0091  The chiller unit for the fridge - not much to it really! IMG 0147  The kitchen starts to take shape.  The island is not yet fixed in place - we just wanted to get an idea of space IMG 0150  The dogs like investigating the frames for the kitchen (perhaps in the hope of food) IMG 0152  The wooden work tops, waiting to be installed IMG 0154  The work top with the cut out waiting for the belfast sink IMG 0157  Our old kitchen.
IMG 0158  The cooker.  The three left hand controllers have fallen off, so we have to use pliers to turn the oven, grill and top left hob on! IMG 0159 IMG 0213  The new kitchen!  The induction hobs, with the new tiles as a back splash protector, and the ovens to the left... IMG 0214  The dishwashers bracket the sink.  Three independent drawers! IMG 0215  The fridge door is chalk board as well IMG 0217  The larder, loosely styled on Nigella's
IMG 0218 IMG 0219  Honour goes exploring... IMG 0221  The peninsular, and serving area. IMG 0222 IMG 0227 IMG 0229  The innards of the fridge
IMG 0230  Need to keep the champagne chilled! IMG 0231 IMG 0235  Nice new coffee machine IMG 0236 IMG 0098  The lights in the wine area.  Waiting for the glass box.  And the wine...