Summer 2013

IMG 0757  The courtyard, with lovely grass and decking down IMG 0758  One area of grass sealed off to stop the doggies making a mess of it IMG 0759  Comfortable decking area IMG 0760  Path looking back to main barn IMG 0958  Shower room IMG 0927  Glass is in the wine room, as is the wine...
IMG 0928  It is nice and cool in here IMG 0930  Living area is shaping up IMG 0931  Anyone for a game of pool? IMG 0932  Properly lived in IMG 0933  Car port is finished - hopefully the sun will age the doors nicely IMG 0935  It's a long corridor
IMG 0938  Gym is set up IMG 0939  Last bathroom finished IMG 0940  Pictures up IMG 0943  Nursery IMG 0944  Spare bedroom IMG 0947  Spare twin bedroom
IMG 0950  Second spare bedroom - connected to... IMG 0952  ... ensuite IMG 0955  End of corridor IMG 0729  Finishing off the roof on the car port IMG 0754  The shell of the wine room